Meet the Family

Thanks for stopping by, sweet one.

How to keep this short? 
For, brevity is surely a weakness of mine.

I (Jessica) am from the West.
Raja, he is from the East.

Raja is a Psychiatrist with a heart to see healing of the body, mind, and spirit in the mentally ill.
He has a brilliant mind, a courageous heart, and a longing for the Divine.
He loves to see the blending of spirituality and psychiatry and believes in healing in the name of One.

I am a nurse with a pilgrim's heart.
(Really, I am just a sassy mess who has been washed in extravagant, costly, blood-red Grace)
I came to India with a longing to work with women and girls.
I love travel, nursing, & women's health
I had (and still have) a fierce longing to see restoration in the women of this nation.

But most of all, we both just have a heart to see redemption.
We have a deep longing for Abba's heart for His people.

We were married in March 2011.
After marriage, we lived rural NE India where Raja had been for 5 years.
I was teaching in the nursing school while Raja worked in Administration and Medicine.

We had plans, ideas, and imaginations of what the future would behold.

But we never could have imagined what our Abba Father was authoring.

Our first son, Adam joined our family thru adoption in September 2011 
(Yes, that was 6 months into marriage)
It was simply a matter of obedience

As we were reading thru Paul's letter to Rome in chapter 8
We were confronted with our own adoption as His sons and daughters

And when Adam was abandoned at our hospital due to significant physical deformities
We were awakened to the reality of our own spiritual condition before our adoption
And His extravagant, sacrificial Love that adopted and redeemed us

So we walked forward and it has been wild
Because our Abba...?
He is a wildly radiant Author of Life
And He likes to take foolish things to shame us, wise
And He likes to weave beauty from ashes
And He likes to make the bitter taste sweet

There have been some frightening steps along the way
Hard diagnoses and fatal prognoses
But Adam has thrived
He is going to be 2 years old in September 2013.
(We were originally told he would not live 2 months)

Adam's medical care has all been carried out at UNC Chapel Hill in the USA
In 2011, many of you gave and Abba Father provided
Over $200,000 towards surgical needs 

We are so thankful for you joining us on our journey with Adam.


But our family is much more than surgeries and adoption and such
We are really quite normal and rather awkward;)
We speak multiple languages but not clearly and we like dance parties but lack rhythm

Our newest addition to the family arrived 1 year 4 days after Adam!
Elliot Justice Paulraj was born on September 22, 2012
To say this child is a gift and a joy would be beyond an understatement

We are so thankful for these 2 boys and the joy and laughter they bring our family

We are so thankful for how our God authors our lives very different than we could imagine

Raja continues to work in Psychiatry in North India with Emmanuel Hospital Association

I am now in a beautiful season of staying at home with our two boys.
I am learning about faithfulness in the mundane
(But I am actually learning that He is a God of paradoxes...
And often when we walk by faith, we see that the mundane is actually the Glory)

So this season is filled with boys, many pots of chai, & a lot of bike riding in a rural village in the North
I am attempting to scribble down His glory as it passes by

I would love if you joined me here and walked with us on this pilgrim journey.

***We are currently in the US thru September as we raise money and wait for surgeries for Adam's cleft palate. You can find out more about giving towards these finances HERE


  1. Hi! I stumbled on your blog through the Influence Network. My husband is a radiologist at UNC. I am so captivated by your faith and your story. If you are still here in Chapel Hill I would love to connect with you. My daughter is going to be 2 in November- close to Adams age : ). Praying for your family!

  2. Hi Lara;) So sorry I just saw your comment! I would love to connect. We are here for another month or so. We have surgery on Friday. How could we meet up with you??

  3. Hi! I came across your story (I am not even sure how)! I am a lover of jesus, newlywed, UNC nursing student and would love to be of help in any way! I live right near the hospital in married student housing. Do you guys need meals? A place to stay or get away? A babysitter? I would love to offer you anything I have! Please contact me if you want to get together. I am praying for you guys and am encouraged by your story.

  4. Hello Jessica, i just came across your story and am amazed and praising Jesus with you for Adam's health! What a testimony of grace. I read that you are in Chapel Hill for the next month but if you are in need Of a little vacation we live on the Outer Banks and would love to host your family in our ground floor guest apartment. We love getting to host old and new friends and getting to know more of our family in Christ. I will be praying for your sweet Adam and your family. Blessings, Beth

  5. I was looking at my FB news feed and stumbled upon your story that was linked to and I just had to visit your blog. I've been very much touched and to echo Lara's comment I too am very much captivated by your story, your faith and your obedience to our Heavenly Father. I read your latest blog entry and rejoice knowing all is well with your sweet Adam! Will pray for your family :)
    Many blessings to you all!

  6. You are the blessed ones! I have no money to give but I send you prayers! I am adopted and I have a heart for the adopted and adoptees!
    From ooltewah tennessee

  7. Every time I click on this blog I cry. Its so beautiful, the family, the children, the story, the words you type here amidst it all. I'm only 16, with plans to travel to India as soon as I graduate and be with an orphanage, and your journey has been such an inspiration. Thank you. I wish I had a family like yours in my life. I can sense my tendency to ramble coming on, so I'll end it here before this gets bad. Thank you for this blog.